An Idaho Appraiser in Wyoming?

It is not unusual for an eyebrow to be raised when an office with a 208 area code calls to set up an appointment for an appraisal in Wyoming.  You might be asking yourself why an appraiser must travel all the way from Idaho Falls to do an appraisal in Jackson or Star Valley.  Furthermore, you might wonder if that appraiser (who lives so far away) is even qualified for the job.

Why an Idaho Falls Appraiser?

As you know, the Lincoln and Teton County areas of Wyoming are not highly populated.  Thus, finding qualified professionals locally can prove difficult.  Just as you often travel to Idaho Falls to do your major shopping and/or have contractors or other professionals travel from there to you, it is not unusual for an appraiser to put on a few miles to get to you.  There are not many appraisers in the entire state of Wyoming.  Only a handful of them reside and work in the Jackson and Star Valley areas.  Thus, Idaho Falls is the next closest (and logical) area for appraisers to come from.


Is This Appraiser Qualified?

This is a logical and understandable question.  No one wants their appraisal completed by an unqualified individual.  It is important to know if your appraiser is geographically competent to complete the work, meaning he knows the area.  You should know that Dustin Harris has been appraising real estate for nearly two decades.  He was first licensed and practicing in the State of Wyoming in 1998.  In other words, Dustin has been an expert in the Teton and Lincoln County areas for longer than most appraisers have been living there!  He travels to Wyoming an average of once per week (sometimes more) in all four seasons of the year.  Mr. Harris is a Certified Residential appraiser with expertise in both unique and high-end properties.  In fact, his knowledge and expertise is often sought after by other appraiser peers.  He is well-versed in the local real estate market and economy.  You could say he knows the difference between Rafter-J and Melody Ranch or between Alpine and Grover.


Can I Request a Local Appraiser?

Perhaps you are still uncomfortable with an out-of-town appraiser—despite his qualifications.  We understand and respect that.  However, you should know that changing appraisers mid-stream in the lending process can prove difficult.  Federal regulations have unfortunately made it very difficult for the loan officer to have much control over which appraiser is chosen for a certain job.  The typical process for appraiser selection includes the loan officer and processor hiring an Appraisal Management Company (AMC) who in-turn hires the appraiser.  It is the AMC’s responsibility to hire the best and most qualified individual for the job.  Due to the extensive amount and quality of work Dustin does in the Western Wyoming area (as well as his impressive turn-around time), he is often chosen by AMCs to perform work in this area.


Yes, discovering that the individual chosen to do your appraisal is from ‘the other side of the border’ can be disheartening, but it does not have to be.  Due to his extensive history and impressive knowledge of the market, he is likely to be the most qualified appraiser to assist you with the valuation of your home or property in Western Wyoming.