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Appraiser:  Dustin grew up in a small, rural community in Southeast Idaho. His father was in real estate and served as a wonderful mentor. He began his own appraisal career in the mid-90’s and worked hard over the past 2 decades to build a successful appraisal company. He now works as a mentor to other appraisers and is seen as a knowledgeable leader in the appraisal world, having written articles for every major appraisal publication. Dustin held to his roots and now lives in a small, rural community in Southeast Idaho with his wife and 4 children. He is a leader in his community and strives for improvement and success in all aspects of his life.

Appraiser:  Scott was born and raised in Southern California where, from a young age, he could usually be found spending any free time in the outdoors. He spent his summers during college working as a fishing guide on the Snake River in and around Jackson, WY. He began his appraisal career in the early 2000’s at a small firm in Riverside, CA. He eventually became a Certified Residential Appraiser and has found success working in California, Nevada, and Idaho. His love of fishing and all things outdoors brought him back up to Southeast Idaho where he enjoys the natural beauty of the area with his wife, three daughters, and 2 dogs.

Appraiser: Tyler is an experienced real estate professional.  Having been previously licensed as a mortgage broker, currently licensed as a Realtor, and with several years working in the financial sector, he is well versed when it comes to appraising.  He holds a BA in Business Administration and a minor in Spanish from Weber State University.  Tyler is a native to Utah.  He and his wife Sara (married in 2000) have lived in Farmington since 2007.  They are the proud parents of four boys; Gabe (2002), Jed (2004), Drake (2007), and Dax (2014).  When not busy with appraising, you can find Tyler on the golf course, wrenching on motorcycles in his garage, or coaching his boys sports teams.

Appraiser Assistant: Leeland grew up in southeast Idaho and is a local from Rigby.  His family was involved in the potato business and owned a local sorting/packaging warehouse in Sugar City.  Leeland found a love for playing golf at a young age and it eventually took him to Texas A&M on a golf scholarship.  He eventually ended up working for a college friend in the appraisal business in the Dallas/Fort Worth area in 2005 to the present.  Leeland is excited to be on board with Appraisal Precision and working locally in his home area where he grew up.  He still enjoys playing competitive amateur golf in his free time and with friends, but also likes to travel to new places.  He has a 9 year old son and enjoys spending time with him.

Office Manager: Shonnie grew up along the west coast before settling down in Idaho. On weekends she loves to be outdoors with her family. Her dream is to retire on a farm full of rescued animals. Shonnie is amazing at handling all of the customer service needs of our company and is a dedicated and loyal employee who has grown and evolved so much in the appraisal world since coming to work at Appraisal Precision and Consulting.

Office Assistant: Ryan is from a small town in Northwest Washington. She grew up in the appraisal business, as her mother is an appraiser, and is currently taking classes to eventually become an appraiser herself.  She enjoys reading fantasy/fiction novels, and loves the water so much that her friends and family have nicknamed her “Fish”. She currently lives in North Idaho with her fiancé and 2 dogs.

Office Assistant:  Jiezl is from the Philippines and enjoys travelling and photography. Given the chance, she would love to explore and experience the diversity of cultures in different countries and document every moment of it. She is a highly qualified assistant with years of experience and excellent customer service skills. She has trained under Dustin extensively and is considered a valuable asset to the Appraisal Precision Team.

Office Assistant: CaRynn graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in humanities and looks forward to pursuing a Masters in social work in the near future. She has worked for Appraisal Precision for many years as a customer service representative, and she loves talking with and helping customers. In her free time, she enjoys travel, photography, and hiking.

Office Assistant: Jem, who is from the Philippines loves baking and cooking many different kinds of dishes. She would like to travel to different locations throughout her country and around the world in order to try the best dishes and street food available.


Office Assistant: Manish, Who is from India, has 10+ years experience in the appraisal world, but he would like to learn even more about the business. He enjoys playing games in his free time and loves to trying new foods from different countries.