Boy We’re Loved! ~ Reviews & Testimonials

Joseph O. 
I have to admit, I was a bit leery of an Idaho Falls appraiser coming to Star Valley, WY. However, it was obvious from the first phone call that Dustin’s office mind as well had a 307 area code. They understand Wyoming and were a pleasure to work with. I picked Dustin’s brain a bit during the inspection and he definitely understands the real estate market here in Wyoming!

R. Hause 
Dustin helped us appeal our tax assessment. He made it easy and knows what the assessor is looking for. We were able to reduce our property assessment by more than $75,000. Thanks Appraisal Precision!

Tiffany A. 
The people at Appraisal Precision are very helpful. I ordered their Tax Appeal Special online. I called them a few times with questions about the process and they were so accommodating, professional and friendly. Thanks to their help, the county assessment on my house was lowered by more than $20,000 and I am going to be thanking them again and again when my lower tax bill comes in the mail!

D. McPherson 
As a real estate agent and broker, I have worked closely with Dustin Harris. He is professional, courteous, and friendly. Furthermore, I consider him one of the best appraisers I’ve ever worked with. Not only is Dustin an appraiser, but he is an investor in Real Estate himself. He understands the Idaho market well because he is always looking at Real Estate through a buyer’s eye. He understands that it is not the job of an appraiser to ‘rubber stamp’ a purchase price, but to look and listen for new trends in an ever changing market. Dustin’s values are true and derived from the market itself.

G. Bailey 
Thank you kindly for getting out here so quickly. We called three other appraisers and you were the only one that could do it this week. We were also told that it would take several weeks to get the report back from the others. Your office promised it within 48 hours.